LLND Specialists

Developing skills to promote employment

Through LLND training and support provided by Skills Explorer, we help adult learners build foundational skills in English language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy.

We work with businesses and organisations to help adults enhance their career prospects or return to work. Our programs are designed to fit each person’s circumstances.

Adult learning to improve her reading skills

From basic reading skills to job application and daily workplace documents!

Non English Speaking Adult learning improved communication skills

Build confidence in talking to others and in workplace situations!

Indigenous adult improving his digital literacy

Mobile phones, computers and digital equipment that we use every day will be the focus here!

Foreign migrant learning to improve her English skills

Talk to us if you support others with LLN - we have options to assist you!

Construction worker learning to improve his writing skills

Increase writing skills from everyday basics to online form completion. Have confidence to write reports!

Adult learning to improve his numeracy skills

Start at the beginning 123 sequencing and progress to calculations and budgeting for personal and business situations!


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Learning and Development Consultancy

We focus on the development of individuals, teams and businesses through upgrading skills, knowledge, and attitude to work! By working with business owners and managers, Registered Training Organisations, and Employment Services and Community Groups, we deliver value to adult learners and their sponsors. Learning and Development Programs We provide consultancy to assist with designing and…

Group Of Mature College Students Collaborating On Project

Language, Literacy, Numeracy & Digital Skills

We provide online resources from pre-assessment to preparing for work, designed to improve literacy and improve employment opportunities! Skills Explorer provides online LLND resources that are designed to support employment services, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and people involved in ‘Closing the Gap’. As LLND specialists, our core focus is to aid adult learners in improving…

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Skills Explorer! – Adult Learning for Employment

Skills Explorer! ®TM Developing Employment Opportunities through Learning Skills Explorer! ®TM is designed to develop Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital (LLND) skills for adults. Developed by Colleen Holmes Learning and Development, the Skills Explorer! ®TM is an interactive eLearning platform that delivers learning based specifically on the needs of the individual. Combined with real human…

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Colleen Holmes - LLND Specialist

I believe that work and learning should be enjoyable and fun! I have worked many years in the L&D industry and have witnessed the best results when people are having fun! It is great to see teams (at all levels) laughing and learning together!

I love to see people develop, that is why I became a trainer! Whether it is Literacy or Leadership – the most important focus is on the individual!


Trainer / Facilitator / Consultant

In 2009 Colleen Holmes moved, with her family, from Ireland to Cairns Queensland. She very quickly established her business providing learning and development strategies across Australia.

She assists in the establishment and enhancement of processes in several industries, including Mining, Aviation, Retail, Hospitality, and Employment Agencies to name a few.

An accredited Trainer and Assessor with TAE and Certificate IV in Language Literacy & Numeracy, she is a specialist in developing individuals, teams and businesses. A respected LLND practitioner, Colleen also develops wider skills for employment, such as enhancing communication, teamwork and motivation.

Colleen provides training and assessment support for employers looking to provide training and professional development for their teams. In addition, she provided LLND support to organisations helping adults overcome barriers to employment and social inclusion.

Dedicated to ‘Closing the Gap’, Colleen works with indigenous adults and children in regional and remote communities. She also provides foundation skills training for new migrants, as well as other disadvantaged adults seeking to enhance their employment prospects.

Colleen has a Diploma in Management, alongside her Education qualification from the National University of Ireland. She studied Tourism Management at the Waterford Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the College of Marketing & Design (Sales & Management). During her extensive career, Colleen has operated her own training business, managed an RTO and an online learning academy in Australia and Ireland. She is the creator of ‘Skills Explorer increase literacy to increase employment opportunities!’ – an effective online learning platform.

Through her experience in a variety of sectors, Colleen has developed highly transferable skills. These skills have enhanced her professional credibility and helped to strengthen the relationships she has with the many businesses and organisations she works with.

Colleen Holmes Learning & Development changed name to Skills Explorer in September 2023.


Success Stories

Local Indigenous People of Cape York

Engaged by a joint venture partnership, indigenous business that promoted indigenous men and women to secure employment with an international mining resources company. This employment / job ready programme ran for six years - three of those years I facilitated the learning and development with a focus developing a structure framework to increase language, literacy and numeracy. This initiative resulted in 100% employment for the cohort Indigenous Traineeships from hundreds of applicants – based on the capacity and capability progress! Our trainees came from unemployment into Traineeships, Cadetships and some have worked through to Team Leaders!

One of our young women wanted to be an Electrician – she achieved this against the odds! We worked hard on her Language, Literacy and Numeracy – she is now qualified! Another won National Trainee of the Year and continues to grow from strength to strength.

One of the young women approached me after our training session, to say that she didn’t want to continue with the course as she felt she couldn’t write well or do maths so she would drop out and give her place to someone else, I persuaded her to ‘keep coming back and don’t give up’, she showed up every day and we worked on her LLN – she got her job! I caught up with her some time later and she was delighted to tell me she LOVED her job as a truck driver, now had her own (rented) house, her car and a TV but most of all her children went to bed at an appropriate time and looked forward to school each day! Previously she and her children had slept on the floor of family homes, the children didn’t go to school regularly and the young lady had been unemployed for a very long time prior to this event.

Chris, Corporate Services Manager

“Colleen Holmes is one of the most energetic, professional and successful trainers I have worked with. If this is your area of work or you can see an opportunity to utilise this product, please take time to investigate Skills Explorer. I am looking forward to seeing more of this engaging and ingenious system. I wish you every success Colleen.”

Patricia, Program Support Manager

“Colleen you have done more for our mob in months than previous organisations have done in years! Thank you!”

Frank, Pre-Employment Manager

“I don’t know what you do, but whatever it is keep doing it – it works! It is a joy to watch you at work!”


AIM (Australian Institute of Management) Leader / Manager of the year 2016 Regional Finalist
CBWC (Cairns Business Women’s Club) Business Woman of the Year 2016 Finalist
IITD (Irish Institute of Training & Development) Outstanding Achievement Award 2007 Winner (Group award) National Training Awards (Facilitator Tourism Learning Networks)


Develop Computer & Digital
Skills while building Language,
Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) skills

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