Cairns-based business and adult learning provider Colleen Holmes Learning Development has announced it will change its company name to Skills ExplorerTM. From October 1st 2023, the Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital skills trainer will operate under the new brand identity to align with their successful eLearning platform, that supports hundreds of adult learners throughout Australia.

Managing Director and founder, Colleen Holmes explains:

“During the last few years, we’ve grown the number of LLND courses and learners using our eLearning platform, Skills ExplorerTM. We felt that as the business has grown and we are now working with organisations and institutions across Australia, it made sense to simplify our brand name. Most of our clients and learners use the Skills ExplorerTM online platform, and that’s how they refer to us.”

Developed by Colleen Holmes, Skills ExplorerTM is an interactive eLearning platform that delivers learning explicitly based on the needs of the individual. Combined with real human support, Skills ExplorerTM features over 200 courses that can be mixed and matched to the learner’s specific needs. Learning pathways can even be contextualised to various industries such as hospitality, retail, construction, marine and office administration.

“As a Trainer, Assessor and RTO manager for many years I sought out ‘great’ LLND adult training that was learner-centric and I struggled to find what I needed. I eventually decided to develop my own platform that would be engaging and avoid the stigma of the ‘reading and writing class’ and so in 2019, Skills Explorer™ was born.” adds Colleen.

Operating from Cairns, the innovative training platform is being used to support organisations and people throughout Australia. Skills ExplorerTM supports clients in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Torres Strait and Cairns.

Typically, clients come to Colleen Holmes because they are looking to upskill their workforce by advancing their Language, Literacy, Numeracy or Digital competencies. In these instances, the eLearning platform can be completely tailored to meet the needs of the client and the individual.

Organisations supporting adults to return to work or gain employment collaborate with Colleen and her team to provide tailored solutions.

Skills ExplorerTM stands out because it doesn’t simply assess an individual. It provides a learning path for the individual to improve their skills and confidence in the areas they are lacking.

Thanks to its unique approach, the eLearning platform has an 84% engagement rate, keeping learners active and progressing through their training without feeling like school. The learners or a ‘supervisor’ can easily monitor progress through the learning path. With real-time feedback from quizzes, learners are given guidance on how to improve or resolve any issues.

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